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Christmas celebration
On the 17th of December took place the Chritmas party held of and for the children from Ruth School. Full of enthusiasm, the children sang, recited poems and welcomed with opened arms Ralph "the Santa" who ofered them Christmas presents. Children also exhibited drawings on the walls descibing the Christmas as it is seen by each of them and got involved in sketches on biblical themes descibing the birth of Jusus Christ, our Lord, in an joyfull athmosphere as it can be seen from the attached pictures.
The health and safety of children are very important aspects and goals of Project Ruth. Over the years, teachers and nurses at Project Ruth have noticed that the children often have dental problems due to poor habits of brushing (or not brushing at all) or due to deficiencies in their diet. Therefore, a part of the school training program is oral hygiene - teaching the children the proper techniques for brushing and caring for the teeth. Every day, each child gets his/her toothbrush and the school nurse guides them through the dental care process, teaching them to pay attention to the duration of brushing (at least two minutes) and to getting the hard-to-reach gumline, back teeth, crowns and areas around the fillings. It's a funny sight to see the young ones who cannot wait in the line, running to be first at the sink and end up playing with the toothbrushes and with one another. The pictures speak for themselves - check them out below!
Hmmm good! Freshly baked cookies!
 The joy of eating freshly-baked cookies sometimes tempts children to pass on their regular meal.  The children at the Day Center not only got to taste cookies baked just for them but also got to decorate their own cookies with various colors of icing and sprinkles!  Their teacher Angela welcomed Tammy, Ralph and Sammy (youth pastor) to their morning class and were tickled that they each got to put on the icing of their choice along with a small "mountain" of sprinkles!  Tammy baked the cookies at home and set up a table with green, pink and purple icing along with sprinkles. 
The boys mimmicked Ralph after watching him make a "cookie sandwich!"  Once they got their fill of cookies they were each given a baggie to take their extras home.Tammy had brought blue glass plates from home for them to work on and one child asked if she could take the plate home! 
If you like home-made cookies come join us next time!  You too can go home with a full tummy and a bag of hand-decorated cookies!
Clothing Distribution Day
We all remember when we were children what fun it was to get new clothes…

With winter coming soon, our Ruth School children need warmer clothing. Thanks to generous donations from Great Britian we have on hand brand new sweatshirts for the students, so they can be warm and stay healthy through the cold winter months.

As we distributed the clothing we watched the expressions of joy on the childrens' faces and remembered those occassions in our own lives.

They were excited and could barely stand to wait in line! After getting their sweatshirt each student was eager to try it on to show the others how great it looked!

It is rare for a Roma child to receive a new piece of clothing as they mostly inherit hand-me-downs from older siblings. In this case each child got to unwrap a brand new sweatshirt that would be worn for the first time. How proud they were! Each one skipped their way home proudly wearing their new gift and a smile that said, "I am special!"
Serving the Second Generation.

At the recent opening of the Ruth Day Center, we welcomed among others two young mothers with their pre-school sons. The two mothers are sisters and were students in the first classes at the beginning of the Ruth School. After finishing their education, they were married and now have their own children. They have brought their sons to begin the Ruth School experience!

What a joy for us to see that we had won their trust! The teachers and other staff had impacted the lives of these young mothers. The sisters want the same influence for their sons. Not only will Project Ruth be able to provide an education for this second generation of children but additionally we see an open door to continued interaction with the mothers. Perhaps this is an opportunity to ask questions and help them to improve areas in their lives. 

At the Ruth Day Center, we teach children through play...
At the Ruth School, we teach children following the Governmental curriculum...
Through both, we can reach parents and try to be a living model of God's love...

Opening of the Day Center.

Early this week the Project Ruth day center for preschool children celebrated its opening session.

Through this new day center Project Ruth is now increasing its investment in the Ferentari neighborhood and helping the young children to prepare for 1st grade.

The atmosphere was warm and relaxing when the children along with their mothers were welcomed by the young teacher.  One special guest present for the opening was the Principal of Regent’s Park College from Oxford , United Kingdon, Dr. Robert Ellis. Dr. Ellis spoke a few words of welcome and encouragement to the children and their mothers.  After welcoming remarks, snacks of cookies, and picture taking, the children made their way home with smiles of anticipation for the fun they would have at school.

A total of 15 children were brought by their parents on the first day. The class can accommodate a total of 24 children, so we will be ‘recruiting' nine more.

In mid-September we welcomed the arrival of Ralph and Tammy Stocks who will join in the various ministries of Project Ruth and Roma outreach across Romania. Tammy will lend her skills to developing ministries at the Ruth School that address students, parents, faculty and the broader community. While assisting in this Ralph will also coordinate Gypsy Smith School activities and seek to build a broader network among Roma leaders that will promote leadership training, church planting and managing of special projects. The Stocks bring 15+ years of ministry experience with the Roma from their service in Hungary and are familiar faces around Project Ruth and Providentia Baptist Church.
Illegal camps.
You may have heard about the French decision to deport minority Gypsies from all illegal camps established during the past years on French territory. The French government offered every Gypsy person 300 Euros to return home (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary…).
In the short run they have solved the problem. No camps, no Gypsies, less crime.
Within a month or two, however, all of those that have been sent back will return to France.
Handing out money with no strings attached will only feed the thinking of getting things in an easy way with little or no effort.
Helping people with great needs and disadvantages requires more then one good deed.
The Ruth School works with the same group of people that the French government has sent back home. It is located in their home neighborhood in Bucharest and we have learned about the way Gypsies live by observing them on the street and then through interacting with them.
For most Gypsies, sending their children to the Ruth School will be perceived as another way of getting something for free. In one way this is partially true. The Ruth School offers every student enrolled a bit more then what public schools offer.
Parents perceive it as getting something for free.
The way we see it is sowing the small seed that helps the younger generation to prepare to care and provide for themselves.
We pray and hope that one day our seeds will solve the problem of having illegal camps…

We want to thank you for being a partner with us in planting the seed.

No, it is not about the New York stock market, which is on the many news channels 5  days a week.
Remember the school days when the bell was ringing to announce the starting of the hour of each class in every school?
This week, the Ruth school has opened its doors for the children from poor families of the Ferentari neighborhood. Holiday time is the period when every child have no worries and concerns but to enjoy free time and have fun with their friends.
The daily school schedule brings for every pupil, beside the class hours a lot of further preparation and learning. Being disciplined does not come naturally for anyone and especially for children who are raised in an impoverished environment who have no good examples to follow and have little encouragement at home to go to school and be better.
This fall, at the Ruth school about 30 new children joined the existing pupils as in the first year of school.
The Ruth opening bell was not to start trading session and about the ups and downs of the economy but it is the start of a new session  of training. A time of formation and of shaping children to become better. This session will last untill every child finishes the 'run' with a school certificate for their life achievements.
Many of our supporters have asked us what was happening at the old Ruth Center. Those who visited Project Ruth know that the Ruth Center still houses the volunteer facilities, the Gypsy Smith Leadership Training Center and TCMI teaching center for Romania. Financial constraints have made it impossible to expand what Project Ruth does in those facilities but thanks to a generous donation the plan is to start now a Day Center. The Ruth School started as a day center and the need to help children get ready for school remains a significant one. The center will take 20 children to prepare them one year in advance of starting the Ruth School.

The donation covers some of the running costs for a year but there are some needs to change the building in order to be able to start (new heating, some doors, insulation). In order to achieve this goal Project Ruth is launching a CAPITAL CAMPAIGN to will enable the start of the new day center (details below).

Running costs for one year:
1. Food: £2.5 x 20 children = £50/day x 170 days= £8,500
2. Salary and taxes (part time):  £245/month x 12 months= £2,940
3. Utilities & maintenance: £70/month X 12 months = £840
4. Furniture & Equipment:  £1,400
Total budget:  £13,680 (covered for the first year by Caterpillar Foundation)

Needed repairs and changes:
1. New gas line connection: £1,900 (needs to be done by a special state approved company)
2. New gas furnace, boiler, etc.: £2,800
3. Redo plumbing of heating system (necessary relocation): £3,900
4. Fire door for the new room, flooring and new window: £2,800 
Total cost: £11,400

Desired insulation costs:
1. Exterior insulation 600 sq meters: £7,200
2. Main door and windows: £1,100
Total cost: £8,300

Mission trip in Rep. Moldova
Between 16th- 23th of August, a group of 9 youth from Providence Baptist Church went in Rep. Moldova, in Rascaieti village, in order to do mission among the children from that area. The youth organized a VBS for the children coming from the Ruth School from Rascaieti, having the chance to meet with 30 of them daily. The theme of the week was ,,Turn around”, therefore all the children listened to biblical stories, learned songs about some characters from Bible who turned around from their wrong ways, did some crafts and enjoyed the creative games. This ministry has been possible due to the financial support coming from the church and from Ruth School which brought it’s contribution at the gathering of materials. It has been a blessed time and we believe that during that week God touched the hears of those children through the youth’s ministry.
summer camp 2010
In July, Ellen Sechrest, the USA Sponsorship Coordinator, came to Project Ruth with a team of 14 volunteers from Boulevard Baptist Church to organize a summer camp. Teen Ranch, a wonderful place in the Carpathians Mountains, was the place where the camp was held for five days. Every day the kids spent time with a  Bible story, learning new songs and doing craft. Playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, jumping on the trampoline, riding horses or being introduced to the archery, the 37 kids who were in the camp had a great time with the  team and the staff members of the Ruth School. It was a excellent chance for the kids to enjoy   nature, to establish good relationships and to feel the love of the people who organized the camp, sharing God’s Word and the love of Jesus
volunteers at project ruth
This summer Project Ruth hosted four college students from Florida and Virginia as they worked in various capacities at the Ruth School. Amanda Humbert was a wonderful help to the English and music classes as she taught funny English songs with motions to help students learn new vocabulary words. In addition to helping with classes at the Ruth School, Amanda was also very actively involved in the youth group of Providenta Baptist Church and devoted much time to encouraging the youth to seek out new ways to reach out to the Roma children. Zach Nester and Brittany Garton taught gym classes and organized activities for the opening of the new sports room in addition to assisting with some administrative tasks. Towards the middle of June, Callom Harkrader joined Amanda, Zach and Brittany at the Ruth Center. In addition to working with Project Ruth in Bucharest, the volunteers also led bible clubs in other Roma and Romanian communities across Romania.
End of School Year
On June 9, 2010 the Ruth School celebrated the end of the school year. This year all twelve of our eighth grade students finished their final year of schooling at our facility. We are very proud to say that not only did they all pass their 8th grade exams but every one of them was also accepted into a high school. Ten of these students will be attending general high schools in the fall while two are enrolled to attend a Christian high school. In addition to celebrating those who finished their scholarly career at the Ruth School, our first graders were also recognized for starting out their academic careers strong.
new sports room
The first of June is always a special day for children across Romania because it is Children's Day. For the children of the Ruth School, the day was made extra special by the opening of the sports room on the first floor of the Ruth School. This room will serve as the gym classroom which will be a great blessing in the winters when students in the past had no where to play games such as tag, dodge ball, et cetera. The funding for this room was by Keith & Libby Tye in loving memory of their daughter Laura Leigh Tye who had a very special place in her heart for the children of the Ruth School. Students were let out of their classes for over an hour to go down to the sports room to celebrate being children and the opening of the sports room. Two volunteers from Virginia coordinated obstacle courses, scooter relays, tug-o-war, dodge ball, races and other activities.
Visit from CBF
This month Project Ruth received a visit from Pat Anderson (Mission's Advocate for CBF), Rob Nash (Mission Coordinator for CBF), David Sapp (Pastor 2nd Ponce de Leon Baptist Church from Atlanta), and Darryl Aaron (Pastor First Baptist Church Winston Salem). They visited the Ruth School and were able to spend some time observing a few classes at the school from grades 1-4.  With kids singing and smiling everywhere, the visitors from the America had a nice time getting to spend time with the children. 

Much of the time was spent with Oti and Mishi in Moldovato visit some of the Project Ruth work in that area.  They were impressed to hear the testimonies of students from Central Asia. Many students spoke of the price they had to pay to leave their families, and the hardships of leaving their cultures in order to study in another country. The faith of these students was an encouragement for all the visitors who were also inspired the determination of the students to return to their communities in order to help in the needy areas and to share the Gospel.
two gss students ordained as pastors

"There is nothing greater than seeing the fruits of a ministry!"  This is the feeling we felt last week. Two students who finished their training at Gypsy Smith School were ordained as pastors in a Roma Church near Buzau in the middle of Romania. It was a great experience to see all the members of the church so honored to have people from their own community as pastors.  It was amazing to hear the Mayor of the village saying that their testimony had had such a great impact in the local community. He said that he realized significant changes in the community as people started going to church. He wished that everyone in the village would come to follow their example. Oti Bunaciu, (President of Baptist Union, and President of Fundatia Providenta which runs the Gypsy Smith School) Daniel Maris, and Daniel Cocos had the opportunity to ordain two faithful men, Prica Decebal and Prica Bebe.  It was a beautiful time to see first-hand the work God has done through the Gypsy Smith School.  We look forward to seeing all the great things God has in store for the other GSS students!
project ruth at ngo fest

Project Ruth also had the exciting opportunity to participate in NGO Fest in the month of May.  Mishi, Adriana, Oti and friends took turns running the Project Ruth booth, complete with beautiful drawings and paintings from the kids, banners explaining who we are at Project Ruth, as well as some information about our work.  Visitors from all over came through the festival!  Some intentionally searching for information about a NGO on a certain topic, others simply stopping by on their walk home from work.  NGO's of all kinds were there, so it was a good chance to learn more about ways other non-governmental organizations in Romania are giving back to the communities.  With the new website up and running, pamphlets with recent testimonies of current students, and the fresh look of Project Ruth; there was a lively spirit in the air, and one that we hope will continue to form partnerships with people from all over in order to join in with the work God is doing through Project Ruth.
Project RUTH Presentation