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New Technology
Technology has transformed the modern world and now it is transforming the Ruth School. The Ruth School technology room was renovated thanks a used furniture donation from a business in Bucharest and has begun to be the hotspot of learning for our students. All students are now attending technology class once a week for one hour. During these classes, they are learning computer basics, word processing, honing their typing skills and how to use the internet effectively for learning. Even the youngest students in the kindergarten class are using Microsoft Paint to geometrical shapes and colors. Furthermore, the technology room now has a mobile unit consisting of an Apple TV, laptop and projector that will be utilized for instruction in classrooms in all subjects. The Ruth School technology efforts are being coordinated by our newest full-time volunteer Andrew Arthur-Worsop from the UK.

Back to the Books!
New pencils, new notebooks and new kindergarteners the Ruth School is once again full of activity! Over 230 students have enrolled in the Ruth School and Obed Day Center for the 2014-2015 school year. The start of the school year was celebrated by gathering all students, teaching staff, foundation staff and dozens of parents on the sports field for a few words from school headmistress, Mrs. Lela-Holban. In accordance with Romanian custom, many of the students presented their teachers with flowers as part of the first day festivities. Each Ruth School student received their textbooks, workbooks, and brand new school supplies to start of their academic year strong. In addition, first graders and fifth graders all received new backpacks!

Mrs. Grosu who has been teaching for 52 years is putting all of that experience to full use with a class full of 29 first graders anxious to learn to write their names and read the words that go along with the beautiful pictures in the books in the library. On the other end of the hallway, there are now 18 eighth graders who are now realizing that their tenure at the Ruth School is quickly coming to an end. This is the largest class of 8th graders to date and they have already shown their ambition to do well on their high school entrance exams by enrolling tutoring several days a week.

The Ruth School teaching staff and Providence Foundation staff are looking forward to a fantastic school year full of learning, joy and growth for these 230+ young pupils!
Graduate Reflection
Angela has been a student at the Ruth School since she was five. The teachers and staff have become her family. This spring, Angela’s mother passed away after a long battle with cancer and left her essentially as an orphan. Her older sister is her legal guardian but lives in another city about an hour from Bucharest. She is continuing to live in a small room attached to her older brother who has not been supportive of her education as he has began to view her as a full-time babysitter of his children. Despite all of this, Angela has excelled in school. In the fall, Angela plans on attending a Christian high school and earned a 9.35 out of 10 on this entrance exam! After her 8th grade graduation ceremony, Angela reflected on her years at the Ruth School and all that she had learned. The chapel program at the Ruth School was by far her favorite thing. She stated “Here I learned to stay close to God. Here to learn the right path for my life. I think that if I hadn't come to the Ruth School – I would not be this close to God.” Angela was baptized last year into a local church and hopes to be a church leader as she progresses into adulthood. The Ruth School will greatly miss Angela next year as she was involved in many activities. She volunteered to help with Bible clubs for the younger students over the summers and vacations. In the afternoons, Angela could often be found with first and second graders in the afterschool program practicing sounding out the letters to read. During the spring semester, Angela even shared her testimony with her peers and spoke as the 8th grade representative for the graduation ceremony.
Ruth School Playground!
Children's Day is celebrated on the First of June in Romania by giving gifts to children, taking them to the park and in general making them feel special. This year the Ruth School celebrated Children's Day one day late since June 1st was a Sunday with a surprise to rival all children's day celebrations in history. The Ruth School playground was officially opened! During the ribbon cutting ceremony, students from the after-school program celebrated with Foundation & School staff along with a few representatives of the donors that helped make this space possible. Having a playground on the campus of the Ruth School has been the dream of Project Ruth for many years. If you have visited Project Ruth in recent years, you have been shown this "dream space." This part of the school courtyard was actually a wide strip of grass overgrown with weeds and small trees behind the Ruth School. Through the fundraising efforts and donations from First Baptist Church Greensboro, Bonsack Baptist Church, CrossRoads Camp, a grant facilitated by CERI and other individuals, this space was transformed from a waste of space to a space with endless possibilities for play, fun and social development! The ground was leveled, proper drainage installed, concrete poured, playground structure constructed and rubber safety surface installed. The playground structure is complete with mini-rock climbing walls, climbing net, monkey bars and a bright red slide. Next to this structure, there are colored tiles arranged for hopscotch along with a basketball hoop and adequate playing area. The playground will be utilized during school hours for children in kindergarten to fourth grade for recess time. Also, the after-school program will use this space for free play time as one of their stations. Furthermore, summer club attendees will benefit from this resource in various ways. The Ruth School students and staff extend their heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the development of this playground!
FBC Greensboro Choir
The youth choir from First Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC spent their spring break in Romania holding concerts across Romania. At the beginning of their trip, they spent two days at the Ruth School serving in various capacities. On Monday & Tuesday mornings part of the group held a vacation Bible school for Ruth School students who were also on spring break. The highlight of this club was the music time when the Ruth School students were absolutely astonished at the musical talent of this group. The other half of this 51 person team spent the mornings painting the fence behind the Ruth School with anti-rust paint along with painting various hallways to give the school a fresh spring look. The Ruth School students and staff will certainly remember this fantastic singing team for quite a while and are very thankful that these high school students chose to sacrifice their own spring break to enhance the Easter break of our students.
Bonsack Baptist Church
19 juniors and seniors from the Bonsack Baptist Church in Roanoke, Virginia spent their spring break along with nine chaperones serving at Project Ruth. This group organized classroom activities for each grade level such as science experiments or crafts. The “Bonsackers” as the Romanians affectionately call them held after school club for all students from class 0-4 in the afternoons. It was heavily attended and was a welcomed different activity from the normal homework time for this age group. On Thursday evening, the team helped with the Parents Academy while team leader Danny Quirin spoke to parents on how to teach morals and values to children. Team photographer, Debbie, took & printed family portraits of all the families in attendance. One set of grandparents, who are raising their grandson, were especially touched by this and teared up as they shared this was the first picture taken of them as a couple since their wedding 20 years ago. The adult female chaperones were involved at the Naomi Center and led a Bible study on Mary and Martha. It was a great week of ministry that concluded with the distribution of clothing donations from the UK and frisbess from Bonsack Baptist.
Christmas at the Ruth School
Dressed as angels, Magi, Mary & Joseph and stable animals, the Ruth School children from the afterschool program kicked off the week of Christmas festivities by sharing the true Christmas story. They presented their short nativity to their peers during the two Wednesday morning chapel services prior to Christmas break. On the Wednesday evening, they performed their play for their parents and the community during which Oti Bunaciu addressed the parents regarding the true meaning of Christmas. To further celebrate the holiday, the Ruth School had a school wide celebration on Thursday during which all classes sang carols and several students recited Christmas poems. Many parents and siblings also attended the celebrations. It was a grand time for all! The celebration concluded with the distribution of the Christmas parcels from our friends in Germany. These packages brought many smiles of joy and happiness to the Ruth School children.
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