Counseling and Skill Training for Women

The Naomi Center exists to provide professional counseling to individuals and groups of women, mainly Roma, living in or around the Ferentari community. These sessions are designed to help these women better their lives and livelihoods, which will have a positive effect on their entire families. This center also seeks to assist women by teaching them the transferrable and tangible skill of sewing.

Humanitarian concern
This is the first initiative of Project Ruth’s involvement to answer the needs of children from Roma (Gypsy) community. Project Ruth began by feeding children from the neighborhood. Starting with just a sandwich, a soup kitchen soon developed to offer a hot meal every day to the children who were enrolled in the program. It has now developed into a charity program which offers clothes and footwear. All these achievements have been made possible because of the constant support offered by our sponsors and partners.
Educational Rescue
Besides the Ruth School, the Obed Day Center, and the after-school program focus on helping eradicate illiteracy and improving educational opportunities for poor children in the area, especially from Roma backgrounds.
The wellness program aims to improve the well-being of children in need through hygiene & medical programs that teach and provide basic medical care. Tooth brushing, hand washing, parasite control and vaccination are among the ongoing efforts of the wellness program.
Community development
Gypsy Smith School

In the fourteen years since Project Ruth has undertaken the challenge of T Thomas to develop leaders in Roma communities, Project Ruth has provided leadership and biblical training for leaders of Gypsy (Roma) churches through the Gypsy Smith School, or GSS as it’s known for short. Since its initial start in 1997 over 120 Gypsy pastors, missionaries, and community leaders have been trained while over 60 students have "graduated with honors" and continue to serve faithfully in their churches and communities.
With the life situation and needs of the students in mind, the Gypsy Smith School has sought to encourage and equip Roma church leaders. Even though Roma men are not prevented from attending formal educational institutions like seminary or university, the vast majority neither have the time, income, nor educational requirements. Most men may have at most an 8th grade education and many are family men who earn money as day laborers and frequently work without contracts. Going without work means going without income.

As a solution to this problem, the GSS offers week-long courses four times a year. In the course of each week students receive training in two subjects at a level suitable to their needs and relevant to their culture and environment.
Over a period two years, 16 courses offered in 8 one week modules will help students cover a variety of biblical, doctrinal, and practical leadership courses that help them gain knowledge and develop the neccessary skills to lead their community.

Teachers for the GSS are volunteers who come from the USA and UK, along with several professors from the Baptist Seminary in Bucharest. They do not only serve the students by giving their time and energy, but also by covering their own costs for the trip to Romania. Those who taught at the GSS commit to advocate and raise suppport for the school as members of the GSS faculty.

GSS is able to continue to meet the needs of students in Romania because of the sacrifices and service of the teachers and the substantial financial support from the Virginia Baptist Mission Board and many other churches in the US, UK and Romania. These contributions make it possible to provide the food, accommodations, and travel expenses for the students who come to the Ruth Center where classes take place. Contributions also provide the part-time support for the school’s coordinator, Alex Ghita. The students value not only the knowledge they gain to aid them in their work but also the fellowship they are able to have with other Roma leaders during the week.
Leadership training & formation
TCMI is a supporter of Project Ruth and a strategic parter of Fundatia Providenta. Through the charitable contribution of TCMI, Project Ruth receives support for some of its activities. Fundatia Providenta promotes TCMI educational programs in Romania (
Developing world fund
The Developing World Fund aims to support the education of children and community development in countries other than Romania. The resources gathered through the experience of Project Ruth will be used to create new opportunities for education and in developing countries, mostly in Central Asia.
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